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HADERLUMP: “HAVE-NOTS” X BERLIN “Haderlump” was a derogatory term for the traveling people who collected and resold worn-out clothing and fabric scraps from the middle ages to the 18th century. Haderlump Atelier Berlin redefines the slur for the “have-nots” into an admirable title for those who choose not to overlook the “rags”; those who can find inspiration and value in what others mistake to be “good-for-nothing”. Designer, Johann Ehrhardt, transforms leftover textiles into unique pieces that reflect the 16 distinctive districts that make Berlin. Inspired by, designed, and manufactured in Berlin-Neukölln, Haderlump is a collaboration between the city and the modern visionary. The dynamic and cosmopolitan essence of Berlin is captured in Ehrhardt’s collections. Haderlump designs merge “cuts and fits” that mirror the chic and sophisticated look of places like Charlottenburg with the edgy, artistic style of Kreuzkölln. Reconnecting the “scraps” and leftovers together, Haderlump is a study of Berlin’s urban aesthetic; a harmony of elegance and disruption, of quiet and noise, of old and new.


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