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Some may think it’s the Berlin Aesthetic or chic structure that gives a design its character. For Haderlump, the value of a garment, the message it can send, and the way its owner can feel is much deeper than the look itself. 


By placing importance on transparency, Haderlump establishes that every detail of a garment’s creation is an opportunity to define its expression. 


Haderlump uses leftover textiles from Textilhafen Berlin and deadstock fabrics from Recovo, a platform that buys and sells reclaimed fabrics. Materials produced specifically for Haderlump are made in Southern Germany by a knitter who has been spinning yarn into the highest-quality fabric for over 40 years. 


Using the “scraps”, designer, Johann Ehrhardt, asserts Haderlump as an ethical brand partaking in circular fashion. A brand that sees potential in places where others see dead ends. 


All products are designed and manufactured in the atelier in Berlin Neukölln. Using careful craftsmanship, the textiles are reconstructed into unique, hard-wearing products that are meant to last. Haderlump only produces upon request so every product is a conscious creation. With each sale, a tree seedling is funded for a reforestation project in Germany. 


From the textiles to the final product, from the design to the final sale, the impact of every step is considered. Haderlump brings new life to what has been left behind and extends its mindful efforts beyond the industry to produce couture fashion with credibility. Thus, the output is more than just a visual statement, but a symbol of intention. 





To wear Haderlump is to express that a balance between taking and giving,

being deliberate, conscious, and ethical is timelessly in style. 

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