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Garments from Haderlump Atelier Berlin are a product of meticulous textile craftsmanship. One of the world’s oldest art forms, tailoring, requires hours of practice, deep concentration, and patience. In fast-paced, modern culture of today, “slow” is difficult to come by. 


Designer, Johann Ehrhardt’s, visions are brought to life by a team of young, hard working tailors who are passionate about the art. Conversation with two members of the team, Vivian and Anna, reveals what drives their passion and belief in craftsmanship and Haderlump. 


On love and passion for tailoring

Anna: I get to watch an idea become a wearable piece of art. I love this process. We begin with Johann’s ideas, make patterns, cut them, and piece them together. In each step, the design can change. Maybe the material does not lay the way we intended or the pattern was not exactly right. There is a lot that can go wrong so you must pay attention to every step and always be flexible. There is a lot of trial and error, but each obstacle makes the piece an adventure. 


There are not so many young people interested in this art anymore. Also, the people who decide to try it, do not realize how difficult it is. For example, in the tailoring school I attended, we began with 30 people. Only 10 finished the degree and only three actually work as tailors today. These skills are something you need to genuinely want and work for. 


On the joy of handwork

Vivian: When I think about why I like what I do, it is because it gives me peace. I am able to be in a creative flow. To finish a day and know what you’ve done, and that it is something you can see and feel. That is special. 

Anna: I agree with Vivian. I have a lot of peace in my life because I am doing something that makes me happy. My time in the atelier is fulfilling. When I am working with my hands, I form a relationship with the piece. Making a garment from beginning to end becomes very personal. 


On being behind the scenes

Anna: I do not feel the need to be in the front row. We are in the background and that is something I like. I am happy knowing that tailors are the secret; we are the hidden figure behind every garment. Even if people don’t recognize or know about us, they naturally see and appreciate our work in the clothes. 

Vivian: Like Anna, I do not feel the need to be the head designer. I really enjoy working and learning as the second person for now. Our role is important and meaningful so, I am devoted to making the designs perfect and finding peace in my work. 


Why they choose to work for Haderlump

Anna: I originally came to Haderlump for a two-week internship and fell in love with the atmosphere of the atelier. I decided to move from Salzburg to Berlin. 


It’s a pleasure to watch Johann work. He is so young and focused on the future of Haderlump. At the atelier, you can feel his passion and drive. It is inspirational.  


Vivian: The fashion industry can be tough and intense, but at Haderlump, there is a different attitude. Everyone at the atelier feeds into the same hard-working but peaceful atmosphere. The whole place is filled with creative energy and we all enjoy each other’s company. Part of why we work so well and enjoy it so much is because we all believe in what we do. We believe in Johann as a designer and what Haderlump stands for. All of us love the art of fashion and want to be part of producing it sustainably. 


Haderlump has a lot of meaning to me. I would not want to work for a place that is damaging like many other places in the fashion industry are. Slow fashion has a positive impact and is artistic. To take old things, see what we can mix and match to make something new and unique is powerful.

The Interview was held by Raya Holz.


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