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During our exhibition at Platte Berlin in October 2024, guests were able to discover our first Capsule Collection with DHL, an art project born of a collaboration as part of the comeTWOgether campaign, which advocates circular fashion through recycled textiles and the abandonment of fast fashion.

Our partner DHL, known as the logistics leader in fashion industry, is committed to sustainability and this was an opportunity for our two brands to create a common identity by bringing these worlds together. 

The spirit of this partnership explored Haderlump's ever-evolving identity of design and sustainability. Our dedication for craftsmanship and our vision of fashion have led us to reinterpret their workwear.

Imagined by Creative Director, Johann Ehrhardt, these creations juggle characteristic colors with the design elements typical of workwear : « My design language is characterized by classic cuts, broad shoulders and a modern waistline. In combination with lots of black, subtle colors and metal elements, a fascinating contrast is created. The union of these two very different elements was an extremely enriching experience for me. The materials complemented each other perfectly, without taking up space ».

Our Atelier is proud of how far we've come in abandoning fast fashion and the throwaway mentality. And we're delighted to be able to present these shots by Tom Funk, which capture the essence of the show.

The collaboration with DHL was taken to the next stage, during our “Circularis” Runway-Show at Berlin Fashion Week on February 6, 2024. “The name stands for our approach of repurposing and conserving resources,” explained Johann Ehrhardt. “At the same time, creating ‘Circularis’ was also about bringing together our style with DHL’s identity in a credible, interesting way. Because we usually work mainly with black, DHL’s iconic red-yellow workwear was a particularly intriguing challenge for us. By combining DHL colors and materials with our characteristic styles and shapes, ‘Circularis’ offers something completely new. For us it’s mainly about circular transformation as we understand it – as sustainable repurposing.”

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