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During our AERO runway show in Hangar 6, you could discover our collaboration with the Vostell Family, linking our vision of fashion to Wolf Vostells 1968 “Lipstick Bomber”, all on a silk square. We have chosen to take up the battles that are close to our hearts, marking our fashion show with a centerpiece, as light - as it is heavy with meaning.

The work we chose was adapted from a widely circulated wartime photograph of a Boeing B-52 aircraft dropping bombs over Vietnam. The artist has replaced the bombs with lipstick tubes, equating blind consumerism with apathy in the face of contemporary injustice and violence. It has been displayed at the MoMA in New York for many years now. Vostell created the piece as a statement for world peace, which he considered the greatest work of art. To perceive peace as an artwork and subtly incorporate it into the collection is perhaps the strongest bridge we can build in today's times.

The spirit of this partnership explores the political aspects of our identity in terms of commitment and combat. Our promise to abandon fast fashion and the disposable mentality is close to our hearts and we make every effort in our collections to live up to it.

Our Atelier is proud to present this symbolic and artistic collaboration during our SS25 runway show.

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