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At age 27, Haderlump designer, Johann Ehrhardt, has already opened an atelier, dressed recording artists, and will soon be showcasing collections at Paris Fashion Week. 

Interview with Johann Ehrhardt provides a glimpse of the journey:

What were your artistic beginnings?

“As I child, I was fascinated by manufactories. The excitement of walking by the huge windows and peaking in to see tools and handmade pieces has always stuck with me. I’ve always felt a connection to artists and craftsman. It is amazing how childhood curiosity still inspires my work today.”


What is your relationship to fashion?

“When I was 21, my parents gifted me a sewing machine for Christmas. I spent countless hours enjoying the feeling of creating something with my own hands. I couldn’t get enough. By 23, I was in love with fashion and applied for the Lette Verein.

The school was amazing experience. My first project “Phobia” had a disturbing but beautiful mood. I liked that my art could evoke emotion in people. Ever since, my designs have always had purpose behind them.

Today we are questioning everything. The systems we live in, our sex, our lives. This influences my work. I want my creations to make people think.

I chose to start my own label because I wanted to create my own world with my own moral understandings. To put my own vision into fruition is incredible.”


What is your style?

“I love classic elegant cuts, modern elements, and fabrics but, my style is evolving. I make a piece based on inspiration from the material. It is one of the benefits of working hands on. To feel the fabric and draw ideas from it is a part of the art I adore.

Funny enough, my best ideas happen right before bed. I suppose this shows how much I care about Haderlump and that I find so much joy in doing what we do. My creative mind is always turned on.”


What are your future plans for Haderlump?

“Having the atelier has always been a dream and its beautiful to see it in reality. Now, we can enjoy making Haderlump what we want it to be, a label known for uniquely Berlin aesthetics, craftsmanship, and our thought-provoking interpretations of the world.

I’m an honest man creating art that reflects my beliefs and curiosities in our current culture. Making clothes, creating Haderlump, has never been about the money. It was a natural evolution of a hobby to something I’m passionate about. We’re not interested in growing to produce huge quantities for mass consumption. We are creating products, on demand, sustainably, for people who care about the artistry and impact of the clothes they wear.”

The Interview was held by Raya Holz.



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