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In collaboration with DHL, we presented our “Circularis” collection at the Berlin Fashion Week on February 6, 2024.  The name “Circularis” is a reference to circular fashion – a topic of great importance for us. “The name

stands for our approach of repurposing and conserving resources. At the same time, creating ‘Circularis’ was also about bringing together our style with DHL’s identity in a credible, interesting way. Because we usually work mainly with black, DHL’s iconic

red-yellow workwear was a particularly intriguing challenge for us. By combining DHL colors and materials with our characteristic styles and shapes, ‘Circularis’ offered something completely new. For us it’s mainly aboutcircular transformation as we understand it – as sustainable repurposing.

For DHL, the sustainability aspect of the collection was also the primary focus. “As the world’s leading fashion logistics provider, we see ourselves as part of the fashion world, and we have long collaborated with many established as well as young labels and designers,” says Arjan Sissing, Head of Global Brand Marketing at DHL Group. “At the same time, we see the negative impacts of fashion and textile production, especially with the trend towards ‘fast fashion’. That’s why sustainability is not just part of our company purpose, but also the focus of our collaborative partnerships, such as our work with Haderlump. The current collection is a prime example of positive fashion and demonstrates how sensational design can go hand-in-hand with social and environmental responsibility.” We are proud to collaborate with a fashion label like Haderlump, which truly puts circular fashion at the forefront,” says Arjan Sissing, Head of Global Brand Marketing at DHL Group.

For the “Circularis” collection, Johann chose to work with particularly challenging materials such as old cowskin rags, which he made into biker jackets. Part of his designs is to transform old leatherware into jackets. On the runway, our aesthetic made for a powerful display: sculptural silhouettes in dark tones, wrought with impeccable detail, combining with the iconic red and yellow colors of DHL. Rounding out the backdrop were the works of sculptor Jan Baszak on the runway. A Polish artist living in Berlin, Baszak’s striking sculptures with their somber vibe are made from old socks – the perfect match for the circularity theme. The location itself was also chosen to match the sustainability theme, with the Haderlump show taking place in an abandoned, former Primark store.

We are proud to have been cited in an article by Alfons Kaiser in the "FAZ" newspaper as a forerunner in this field, underlining the fact that Berlin is a fashion model in the making. Our team is delighted to have been able to convey our vision of fashion through this collection, which has been meticulously imagined and designed to represent the spirit of the brand.


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