The Bergwaldprojekt

With our partnership with the Bergwaldprojekt, the purchase of every Haderlump product funds a tree seedling in a reforestation project in Germany. To date, we have planted over 600 trees and counting. Our vision is to renature one hectare of forest with every collection we release. If you are interested in the work of the Bergwaldprojekt, please visit their website:

Track Your Tree

Enter the coordinates of your HADERLUMP product here to find out in which reforestation project your tree has been planted.

To do so, copy our template - 52°30'29.3″N 13°29'01.4″E - into the Google Maps search box above. Then, replace the template numbers with those on the postcard included with your item.

If you would like to join our mission by lending a hand in planting HADERLUMP seedlings, please send us an email to We look forward to seeing you.